Birth With Boldness

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of Childbirth Education Series

  • Our top priority in class is a healthy mother, healthy baby and healthy family!
  • Aspiring to natural childbirth as a healthy option for a low-risk woman​ and her baby, while also recognizing it as a genuine possibility for women in higher-risk categories.
  • Providing a healthy foundation ​to pregnancy​ by striving for excellent nutrition, regular participation in exercise, and promoting overall relaxation for each family unit.
  • Fostering trust in a woman's body and its designs by gaining an awareness of the physiological processes of labor, birth, and postpartum care.
  • Upholding active involvement of partners and support people, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to approach the birth process confidently.
  • Strengthening expectant mothers and families by honoring​ their inner voices, perspectives and experience.
  • Taking responsibility for childbirth choices by becoming an engaged consumer of one's own healthcare (realizing each individual's choices will look different based on health status, lifestyle, available resources, feelings and individual priorities).
  • Encouraging an informed decision-making process and positive communications by maintaining an open dialogue with all involved in mother's healthcare and support network.  
  • Empowering families to birth in peace by exploring fears, emotions, beliefs and stressors related to labor and childbirth.
  • Creating a gentle transition to new family life by advocating continuous contact with your newborn, breastfeeding and respect for the postpartum period.