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My husband and I took a birth class with Shannon in January 2008. Truthfully, I was not excited about the class initially. I was concerned about the commitment level as well as the cost. However, I learned very quickly that the class would be an invaluable part of my pregnancy journey. Shannon was a fantastic teacher who provided the exact education and encouragement that I needed to prepare for my labor experience. Even after taking all of the classes that our local hospital had to offer, we still found hers to be much more comprehensive and empowering. Her classes encouraged my husband and I to work together as a team and brought an increased bond between us as we prepared to become parents. They made all the difference and I will continue to highly recommend them to any expectant parents I talk to!                    ~~ Holly M., mother of 3

Shannon offered an intimate small group setting for her class.  Her class activities provided a level of expertise about the physiological process of birth and the emotional needs of the laboring woman.  The relaxation practices involved in each class were helpful in preparing for the rigors of labor.  Shannon's class was highly informative, interactive and fun.                                                                                                               ~~Sara H., mother of 2 & former local doula

Belly Binding

Belly binding has been a great postpartum recovery tool for me. This was my fourth birth and second c-section. My first c-section was a very painful and long recovery. This time I had minimal pain and healed a lot faster! With binding, my insides didn't feel like they are sloshing around in there. I felt much more supported and stable. It also helped a lot to ease any back pain. I really liked the use of soft fabric, especially around my incision. With a four year old, a two year old and a newborn, I had a very busy house to get back to. Belly binding made it possible for me to that quickly and with minimal pain.                                                                                                                             ~~Amy C., mother of 3

Childbirth Education

Before taking Shannon's class, I was more than a little intimidated by the prospect of my impending birth. But, over the course of the class, I overcame my fear and learned that I could take charge of my birthing choices (to the extent that nature allows, of course!). The birth of our daughter was long and difficult, but my husband and I used the techniques that Shannon taught us, and shared the most intense and bonding experience we will ever face together. I would wholeheartedly recommend Shannon's class to anyone!                                                      ~~ Lauren Q., mother of 1

Doula Services

One of the best parts about having Shannon at our birth was that she always seemed to have a list of things to try next.  When I felt stuck, wanting to help my wife, Shannon knew just what to suggest to keep things progressing smoothly.  It was exactly the birth experience we were hoping for.                                                                                                                                                              ~~Jeff M., father of 3

We loved Shannon as our doula. We went into our twin birth with some complicated emotions from a previous traumatic birth, and she took the time to process our fears and understand our unique needs for our birth. We had a beautiful and redemptive twin birth, and Shannon was a integral part of that experience.                                                                                                                ~~Becca R., mother of 4

Shannon's knowledge, experience, and care for my wife leading up to and during the birth of our  youngest made a tremendous impact on my own ability to enjoy & appreciate the event.  Having her there allowed me to not be constantly second-guessing my contributions to the care, comfort, or well-being of my wife while she was in labor. We have had 5 children now, a few different doulas, and been both in a hospital and at home.  Next time around, we wouldn't hesitate to have Shannon assist us once again! She was an invaluable addition to a priceless experience.

                                                                                                                                            ~~Ben K., father of 5